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Your financial well-being is our mission.  Driven by the conviction that each client's investment portfolio must be tailored to that individual's needs, GWBlake & Company seeks a principled balance between capital growth and capital preservation over your lifetime.  We provide wealth management services as a fiduciary and Registered Investment Advisor.


CLIENT SATISFACTION IS AT THE HEART OF GWBLake & Company's SUSTAINED GROWTH AS A FINANCIAL ADVISOR FIRM.  Our client's success has driven our growth.  By knowing and understanding each client's needs and goals, we develop personalized portfolios that lead to prosperous, lasting and long-term relationships.


WE PUT OUR CLIENTS' INTERESTS FIRST.  GWBlake & Company has a fiduciary duty to our clients, and we take that duty seriously.  We do this for one simple reason: we believe that trust is the most important aspect of the relationship we develop with our clients.  By putting our client's interests above everything else, we fulfill our affirmative obligation of utmost good faith and full and fair disclosure of all material facts.



Clients First

In 1995, our founder, G.W. O’Flanagan left Dean Witter Reynolds to start a new client-focused firm.  G.W. O'Flanagan recognized that the “fiduciary standard,” requiring that the best interest of the client be the legal obligation of the advisor, was the most ethical and responsible approach to meeting client needs. The “suitability standard” still employed at brokerage firms that calls for investment recommendations to be “appropriate” though not necessarily cost effective wasn’t consistent with the highest levels of client care. 

G.W. O'Flanagan built this firm around a client-first culture and a fiduciary duty to act solely in the interest of the client. This mindset has helped guide clients through a variety of vastly different markets over the past 30+ years. The future is always uncertain, and emotion is the foe of the long-term investor. Let our team of tenured and credentialed investment professionals build a plan for meeting your needs and achieving your financial goals.

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9812 Bridgewood Ln., Pensacola, FL 325143  Tel: 850-GWBLAKE (492-5253)

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